My name is Maria. I am 44 years old and live with my family in Going. This is a small village near Kitzbühel in Tyrol, Austria. I love my home. I am married and have two grown up children. My daughter (Natalie, 21 years) and my son (Christian, 23 years). We live in a two-family house. In the apartment below lives my son and his girlfriend, Manuela. In the second apartment live my husband (Richard), my daughter, me and of course our dogs.

Our dogs are all Tibetan Spaniel. I love these dogs, they are something special. 10 years ago, we got our first Tibetan Spaniel female (Jenny). We went to many shows and she was very successful. I had no idea how to present the dog, but Jenny presented herself very well. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a puppy, because we have to control our dogs and she has a bad hip. But we didn’t want Jenny to be alone and so we bought a second Tibetan Spaniel female. With her I had a few litters. Our third dog comes originally from Finland, our Kukka. We have imported dogs already from Finland, Denmark and Norway. My main target is to breed wonderful Tibbies in Austria and to make the breed here well-known. Of course I want to breed good show dogs, but the main thing for me is health. During dog shows i met many wonderful Tibetan Spaniel Breeders from Europe. It is a very nice hobby.

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