News: 09.03.2013

IHA Offenburg, Judge: Dr. Peper (D) Arven Flos Bellidis: Intermediate Class: V1, An. German Champ, 1 Res. CAC, 1 Res. CACIB. Qi-Deleg Gyalpo Zi-dschig Cen-po: Junior Class: V1, Junior.CAC. Best female. We are very proud!

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News: 15.04

CACIB Wieselburg, Judge: Mrs. Ingrid Ehold (A): Tendrel Sangpo Jan-mo (Veteranenclass) V1, best                                                       … Weiterlesen

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News: 18.03

Great Success for our young male Osang Gyalpo Zi-dschig Cen-po, Puschendorf KTR-Show (Germany) : V1. Youth-CAC, BOB and in Best in Show! Ossi is only 11 month old! Mango´s Naisha: V1 and CAC, judge: Mrs. Uschi Eisner (A)

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Our lovely female Mango´s Naisha is now Austrian Show Winner 2011 (Tibetan Spaniel, 1. place).

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International Dog Show, Nürnberg, Jugde: Mr. Schicker (D) Mango´s Naisha: V1, Youth-CAC and BOB! Indra Nila Gyalpo Zi-dschig Cen-po: V1, CAC and CACIB. Mani Gyalpo Zi-dschig Cen-po: V1, Res. CAC and Res. CACIB. Osang Gyalpo Zi-dschig Cen-po: Very Good We … Weiterlesen

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It was a very successfull year 2011 and we are very proud! Mango´s Naisha: best tibet spaniel (2011) from our club, A-Youth-Champion and D (KTR) Youthchampion. Mani Gyalpo Zi-dschig Cen-po: 2bestmale from the year (Klub) and A-Youth-Champion. Kris Kris Kind … Weiterlesen

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